Techniques for faster multiplication- Vedic Mathematics

26 Nov

Techniques for faster multiplication- Vedic Mathematics


In this article we will be discussing how to multiply faster using specific techniques for faster multiplication of any two numbers.

These techniques have been discussed in Vedic Mathematics,Which originated in India; and dates back to prehistoric times. It is based on one formulae (Sutras)  .  It was discovered by Jagadguru Swami Sri Bharathi Krsna Tirtha Maharaja, Sankaracharya of Govardhaana Matha, Puri.

Any person with basic knowledge of Mathematics can easily understand how to do this. The Mathematics it deals with universal.

You will definitely say while learning the Vedic Math tricks here!

“Awesome! Why we were not taught this before?”

“I never imagined learning Math could be so easy & fun!”

“In how many ways can you solve this problem?  We enjoy this challenge”

Finally I would like to say to all math lovers, “not to continue being chained to existing conventional methods but open yourself to new horizons”.

Here is an example of how to multiply faster using Vedic mathematics:

Here we will learn how to multiply two numbers close to base 10, 100, 1000, 100000 …



1.  We have to find the product of the two numbers 988 and 991.

2.  As we can see both the numbers are close to base 1000 (but less than the base).

3.  In step 2 we have written two numbers (to be multiplied) column wise & applied the Vedic rule “Nikhilam Navtascharam dasath” (meaning: subtract all digits from 9 but the last digit from 10).

4.  Following the Vedic rule & subtracting hundred’s ten’s & unit’s digit (last digit) of 988 from 9, 9 & 10 respectively we get 012.

5. We write 012 at the right hand side of 988 followed by a ‘-‘. Minus sign (-) has been given as the number is less than the base 1000.

6. We follow the same rule for multiplying 991.

7.  In order to get the final answer, multiply digits at RHS of minus sign. This gives us the right part of the answer. In order to get the left part of the answer we cross subtract either (988 – 009) or (991 – 012) as both give the same result in every case.

99998 – 00002
99972 – 00028
99970 / 00056

Answer: 9997000056

As we can see with little practice we can master this type of math and multiply faster than a calculator.


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